Welcome to the IISc ML Lab

The Machine Learning Lab of the Department of Computer Science and Automation at Indian Institute of Science was setup to study theoretical and applied aspects of machine learning in various domains. Our aim is to explore and understand artificial intelligence, including machine learning, deep learning, numerical optimization, and natural language processing and to perform research on their applicability in various domains.

To this end, we develop numerous machine learning algorithms and tools for complex real world applications. We want to be able to build AI enabled systems that solve problems for social good (see Publications). We are actively pursuing applications in the area of computational biology, object detection in images, video segmentation and summarization, detection of rare topics in text documents, statistical modeling of computer systems.

We are located at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore which is the silicon valley of India. We are also collaborating with industries as well as other universities for cutting edge research.

We are unable to respond to part-time, short-term (less than one year) and/or remote student mentorship requests. For open positions, see the opportunities tab.

Our collaborators:



Paper discussing Technical challenges in diagnosing Chest Xrays through Mobile phones, such as those launched in XraySetu, is now available.


Paper titled TVSPrune - Pruning Nondiscriminative Filters via Total Variation Separability of Intermediate Filters without Fine Tuning by Chaitanya Murti (IISc), Tanay Narshana (observe.ai), and Chiranjib Bhattacharyya (IISc) published in ICLR 2023.


Paper titled DFPC - Data Flow Driven Pruning of Coupled Channels without Data by Tanay Narshana (observe.ai), Chaitanya Murti (IISc), and Chiranjib Bhattacharyya (IISc) published in ICLR 2023.


Paper titled When to Intervene: Learning Optimal Intervention Policies for Critical Events by Niranjan Damera Venkata(HP) and Chiranjib Bhattacharyya(IISc) published in NeurIPS 2022.

Nov 2021

Winner in ICSR 2021 Robot Design Competition in the category of Innovation in Software Award for the submission, Can Non-Humanoid Social Robots Reduce Workload of Special Educators? by Nabanita Paul (IISc) & Chiranjib Bhattacharyya(IISc)

July 2021

Paper titled 'Finding k in Latent k-Polytope' by Chiranjib Bhattacharyya(IISc), Ravindran Kannan(MSR) and Amit Kumar(IIT Delhi), published in ICML 2021

June 2021

COVID SWIFT developed by MLLAB and Niramai is now launched as X-ray Setu

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